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Tesla: This is the crazy change expected in our new vehicle

Elon Musk announced at the huge Tesla CyberRodeo conference in Austin to celebrate the opening of the city’s new GigaFactory plant and revealed that Cybertrack will have no more door handles. Instead, the car will sense when you are close, and will open automatically and this is not the only surprise

At a particularly colorful and colorful rodeo party, Tesla owner Elon Musk says the long-delayed car giant’s Cybertruck will finally be offered for marketing from 2023 – revealing an updated prototype that has no door handles.

The event was held to celebrate the opening of the city’s new GigaFactory factory when the richest man in the world discovered that the Cybertrack would have no more door handles and instead, the car would sense when you were close, and open automatically. He also claimed that the manufacturing plant is the largest in the United States.

During the launch of the factory, a metal ball was thrown at one of the car windows as part of the demonstration, only to be smashed. Musk later claimed the glass would have survived the blow had it been carried out by a hammer – but he and von Holtzhausen refrained from repeating the test on Thursday, despite encouragement from thousands of people watching the crowd.

Photo by GGBot
Photo by GGBot

The factory now houses the company’s global headquarters. On Thursday, Musk refuted allegations that he moved his mother base from California because of tax and corona laws, arguing that there was no longer enough room to expand as he wanted in the Golden State. During Thursday’s event, Musk said Tesla was working on a new ‘Robotexi’, but did not show photos of the vehicle, or say when it might first appear.

Musk said the Austin Gigafactory will primarily produce Tesla’s Model SUV, which it hopes will ship 500,000 units by 2023. The developer boasted that Tesla had sold a million cars in the past year – but teased that even bigger things were expected. According to him, society is supposed to grow “on a truly enormous scale” that “no society has ever achieved in the history of mankind.”

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