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Amusing Elon Musk Memes That Prove He’s The King Of The Internet

It is impossible to deny that Elon Musk has a highly influential presence not only on social media but around the globe. But the question that has to be asked is, is this man truly the king of the internet? No matter what he’s doing, whether it’s his revolutionary electric company, Tesla, his own space program called Space X, or just random memes about him on the Internet, he somehow always manages to be there. Musk is just a funny guy at heart, based on the way he behaves on the internet. For you to see, we thought it would be best to compile various memes related to Elon Musk or created by him…

That Surely Musk’s Favorite Snack

In recent years, Elon Musk has worked his way into our lives through our social media feeds. There was a lot of speculation that this sudden surge in seeing him everywhere was related to his obsession with Mars. Not the candy, but rather the planet.

It has always been a big “What if” question in people’s minds to imagine living on Mars. Elon Musk is the first person who has actively tried to lead the way to a different future on a different planet. Although he still has a long way to go, he is definitely on track.

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