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Tesla Recalls Over 60,000 Model 3s In The US And China Because Of Speed Display Issues

Tesla recalled 48,184 Model 3 cars in the US because some of their speedometers might have a decimal point that is off by one. These vehicles are being recalled while Tesla works on a fix.

The speedometer may not display what the speed is in miles per hour or kilometers per hour when you are in Track Mode. If the pinpoint doesn’t specifically say what unit, it could be confusing if you don’t know which one to choose.

Without unit display, it’s difficult for drivers to know how fast they’re running. This could lead to accidents and crashes.

Tesla recalls over 60,000 cars

Tesla has recalled a total of 62,900 cars for the same problem. That being said, Tesla also announced a recall in China for 14,684 Model 3 Performance EVs that closely followed the opening of the recall in China.

Tesla will notify owners of the issue, starting in May. The recall involves Tesla vehicles from 2018 through 2022 model years and does not have to have cars brought to dealerships for maintenance.

Tesla Recalls Model 3s Over Speed Display Issues

The EV maker unintentionally removed the speed unit from an update in December of year 2021.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the Tesla Model 3 Performance doesn’t meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 101- Control and Displays.

Driving without knowing your speed is dangerous because there is no indication of what to do next.

This is the latest recall by Tesla.

Tesla recalls 2.1 million vehicles and has issued 10 campaigns in 2022. This is the second highest number of vehicles recalled this year, behind Ford Motor Company.

Tesla recalled a larger amount of vehicles, but most of those were fixed over-the-air, whereas many Ford recalls required dealers for service.

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