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Ford begins production of the F150 electric

In what company executives are currently defining as a “Model T,” one of the important electric vans seen here is starting to take shape. Will Ford become a leader in electricity?

Ford has officially begun production of the F150 Lightning, the electric version of the most popular pickup truck in its history, in what it defines as a significant move “like the Model T”.

This is one of the models that has gained the greatest resonance in preparation for the transition to electricity, with a news occupation that has stretched for almost three years and is now draining into this moment. Shipments are expected to begin as early as next week, and so far the first 2,000 models of the electric model have been produced, according to the company.

Currently, Ford does not plan to produce more than a hundred thousand vehicles a year, and only a few months ago announced that it will increase its expected annual production quota (but it is not known if it has indeed expanded production lines) in light of the huge demand. Already in the days following the unveiling of the vehicle, more than two hundred thousand orders for the electric model have accumulated, with a price starting at $ 40,000.

According to the company, by the end of next year, it will be able to reach an annual output of 150,000 electric vans, thanks to the expansion of production lines – although this is almost four times the original plan, less than a tenth of the sales Tesla is expected to complete next year.

The announcement of the start of production and the expansion of the plant came together in the company’s official announcement: “Full-scale production of the F150 Lightning begins at the Rouge Vehicle Technology Center within Ford’s historic center.”

“Today we are celebrating the 21st century ‘Model T’ moment,” said Bill Ford, the company’s chief operating officer. ‘The Rog’ is where Ford has perfected the moving production line and assembly line, emphasizing that we’re making history again. The lucrative expectation of the F150 Lightning is an opportunity to give credit to the work of our engineers and designers at Ford, and to the members of the Automobile Workers’ Union who proudly build these vehicles. “

Bill Ford – Ford chief operating officer

While Ford does not come close to Tesla’s delivery volumes, which still make up three-quarters of the U.S. electric vehicle market, the entry of a good electric pickup truck, and in particular one from a reputable company that wins drivers’ trust, is a vital step on America’s path to the tram.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum. Pre-production model with available features shown. Available starting spring 2022.

“America’s real transition to electric transportation begins now,” said company CEO Jim Farley, without much modesty but apparently with a deep understanding of American automotive culture. “The F150 Lightning is just the beginning of our aspirations for growth and transportation in electric vehicles. “We continue to expand the production of our electric vehicles in the United States, including the beginning of the construction of BlueOval City, which will allow us to meet the growing demand for our electric line-up.”


Although Ford enters the electric competition significantly (very) late, it seems to enter immediately with heavy tools that may make a difference in the automotive world. Although its electric pickup is not cheap (once you pass the base version) but each of its electric pickup versions has a significant market in America , And the numbers already speak for themselves.

The next step for Ford should be a very rapid increase in its electric production capabilities, with the conversion of more and more factories across the US and the world to electric – once it clears how hot the electric market is, it will want the ability to position itself at the forefront.

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