Reddit’s former CEO Wants All Of You To Stop Bickering Online

A former CEO of Reddit thinks Elon Musk might not be the best person to take over Twitter as he has no experience with it and is unaware of the challenges it entails.

“If Elon takes over Twitter, he is in for a world of pain,”… “He has no idea.”

 writes Yishan Wong, the former CEO of Reddit.

In the article, Wong suggests that Musk is not aware of what has happened to internet culture since 2004. One example specifically was bitcoin. He said that Musk’s interest in crypto comes relatively recently and he provides an example by saying that a hedge fund noticed his interest in gaming store GameStop and sold the shares right away.

It’s very funny that Wong reveals Silicon Valley’s bias, which is to code something fun. The true bias of journalism is to release the news as fast as possible. This leads to mistakes in journalism. Social media companies don’t want to police bad behavior but are still spending time preventing flame wars from happening. They’re less interested in making the timeline go sideways than solving this problem.

Today, we love the game Battle Royale. One false move can lead to elaborate consequences. The internet is like red in tooth and claw because of this. Reddit creators are more inclined to think about user behavior.

For Musk, free speech is not about defending the rights of other people, but instead just being able to say whatever one wants. Maxx attempted to grow up in a more progressive time and his stance was very similar. However, when running Reddit he realized that free speech is imperative in order to have a healthy society.

Wong makes the argument that we should have no insecurities about the new internet culture because it contrasts his view that the Old Internet is dead. The only reason arguments like these are seen as dead is because there are more people on the internet now, which includes feral internet natives.

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