Galaxy A53 vs. iPhone SE: Which Phone Should You Choose?

Both Samsung and Apple launched new phones last month- the Galaxy A53 5G and the iPhone SE. Both are $450 and $429, respectively, but they have less in common than one might expect. The cheaper of the two, Samsung’s A53, brings higher-end features like a multi-lens camera that you won’t find on their more expensive devices. It also has a display with a high refresh rate. Luckily, they make up for the old-fashioned design with Apple’s latest processor.

If you prefer Android or iOS, it depends on what you want. Samsung cares about imitating high-end phones while Apple prioritizes performance for drawing customers into its services and products.

See how the Galaxy A53 5G and the iPhone SE compare

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G gets a slim build, iPhone SE still takes the classic route

The Galaxy A53 has similarities to a counterpart phone, Galaxy S21 FE. It has a borderless screen and camera cutout, the same matte back with module design. Unlike its more expensive counterparts such as the iPhone SE and S22, A53 features plastic construction which doesn’t mirror the quality of other materials found in this range of Samsung phones.

The iPhone SE has a more traditional, less expensive design than the iPhone 13. It’s also lacking in facial recognition technology, making it a good option for those upgrading from older versions of the iPhone. A downside to the SE is that it lacks face recognition and fingerprint sensing technology, whereas Samsung’s Galaxy A53 phone offers both.

For price and screen size, the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy S21 are comparable models. The Samsung phones can also adjust their screen refresh rate up to 120Hz, while Apple only offers this feature on more expensive iPhones.

The iPhone SE is a smaller-sized phone with a 4.7-inch screen. It’ll feel like an upgrade from an older device like the iPhone 7 or 8 and will be perfect for people who prefer smaller screens on their phones.

Galaxy A53 5G vs. iPhone SE: Comparing Samsung and Apple’s flagship, relatively cheap phones

The Galaxy A53 has a higher resolution than the iPhone SE, but Apple’s camera still performs well for the price. The Galaxy A53 has four lenses, while the iPhone SE has only one.

If you take crowded family photos or sweeping landscape shots, you should invest in the Galaxy. If you often find yourself taking photos in dim environments, such as a candlelit bar or music venue, you should invest in the Galaxy because it lacks night mode.

All told, you’re getting a better phone for your money with the Galaxy A53. But even though it has a lower-quality camera, it still takes good quality photos in comparison to the iPhone SE which can take only high-definition videos up to 60 frames per second.

Trusting a small size doesn’t mean that the device lacks power. They have powerful processors like the iPhone 13 which is contrasted to the Exynos 1280 in the Galaxy A53.

The 120hz refresh rate on the Galaxy A53 makes it feel fluid. There are some moments where the processor is slower and you will have to press home multiple times, but it is not disruptive enough to discourage purchasing the phone.

The iPhone SE has the same features as Apple’s most recent smartphones. With a powerful processor, it can run just as fast and smoothly, due to iOS animations and the keyboard is responsive.

The iPhone SE and the Samsung Galaxy scored 50 and 24, respectively, on benchmark tests.

Both devices have all-day battery life and it depends on how you use the device to see what kind of longevity you will get. The Galaxy A53 can typically last a day and a half, with a high refresh rate. The iPhone SE lasts up to 20 or 30%. You might want to consider wireless charging if you already have that feature.

Samsung’s phone offers features that the iPhone SE lacks, such as a microSD card slot. It also has cheaper models with 128GB of internal storage and lots of specifications. For example, some Samsung models have 5G millimeter waves, which are faster than those on the iPhone SE.

Both the S10 and iPhone XS devices can endure being submerged in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes without water getting into the device.

The new iPhones maybe a few years old, but they have plenty of software updates to come. The Samsung Galaxy A53 guarantees 4 styles of Android OS and 5 years of security updates, meaning that the phone will be up-to-date with the latest technology.

A summary of the two phones

Whether you want an affordable display or battery life, one of these two phones will work best for you. The Galaxy A53 has a large display, in-screen fingerprint sensor, and multiple cameras, while the iPhone SE’s long battery life offers better value.

The iPhone SE has a retro design that deters consumers from upgrading their old phones. It has lines for the camera, lacks of an edge-to-edge screen, and lacks features like a depth camera. This does not deter individuals because it is still comparable to the iPhone 13 in terms of processing.

The cheaper option of getting into Apple’s products might be appealing to new customers, who may be unwilling to spend $500 or more on a new phone, but would also like to continue using AirPods, or switch to Android.

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