Google Pixel 5 – big camera upgrades, new spec price, and release date

The new Pixel 5 seems like the best 699$ Android phone but it’s not a flagship!

With not the most powerful hardware on the market but with the best android version, 5G support, and an attractive price tag – Google Pixel 5 is the new Google’s smartphone. So is this new flagship that will take Google’s to the top of the smartphone manufactories list?


Google Pixel 5

Finally, Google leaves the big bezels that were typical of the Pixel devices. The Pixel 5 comes with a 90Hz edge to edge OLED display in size of 6 inches and a resolution of 2340X1080. And while it a nice screen spec, it doesn’t look like a real challenge for other Android manufacturers like Samsung Huawei, and even OnePlus that have 120 Hz OLED displays with higher resolution.
Similar to the Pixel 4a, the front camera (selfy camera) is located right side of the screen in a dedicated hole. This camera is can capture 8MP pictures. When you flip the device you’ll see in the fingerprint sensor located at the center of the back of the device.


Another thing on the Pixel’s back is the new cameras system. Pixel’s cameras system wins the camera of the year title every year and it’s actually not because of the camera hardware. Google has developed the best camera software that makes all the Pixel’s photos look just awesome.
This time too, the new Pixel 5 has two cameras, the main camera is a 12Mp camera with an aperture key of f / 1.7, while the second camera is an ultra-wide (107 degrees, instead of the telephoto lens in the previous model) 16Mp camera with an aperture key of f/2.2 .

Pixel 5 back cameras

Google keeps updating the camera software with new features such as better HDR+ that should make your photos sharper than ever; better night mode with a night mode at a portrait; new portrait feature named “Portrait Light” – that let you to retroactively determine a lighting source that will illuminate your face; and new 3 image stabilization modes which will make your video smoother than ever.

Spec – it’s not a flagship

Inside of the Pixel 5, you’ll the Snapdragon 765G, and while is a really good chip that gives good value for the price, this chip is not as powerful as chips other flagships have. Also, you’ll find 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 4080mAh battery with fast charging feature. The new Pixel 5 is 5G ready.

Hold For Me

Google Hold for Me

A new cool and useful feature that the Pixel 5 has is named “Hold For Me” and it’s a new Google Duplex feature that will be waiting for you on the line while you wait your turn for customer service or technical support, and will let you know when a real representative answers the call.

Prices and Release date

The new Google Pixel 5 starts at 699$ and you can buy it now on pre-order while the shipping will start on October 16


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