The iPhone 14 Launch Date Has Leaked

Judging by precedent, the iPhone 14 should be launched on Tuesday, September.

The Apple event is happening on September 13, 2022. It will take place as we expected- in the middle of the month.

Erratic behavior is to be expected as Apple moves closer to the date of its next big announcement since a variety of factors could affect when it’s announced.

Apple will be hosting one event on the 13th and it might not be for their upcoming iPhone 14 release date. At Apple events, iPhones are usually announced in September and those announcements usually happen on Tuesdays.

In an article about the iPhone 14, it was suggested that there will be more additions to the new phone other than just the typical model. There is mention of a Pro Max, Pro, and Max version of the phone. It also discussed an Apple Watch 8 and a second-generation Apple Watch SE.

The company is hosting two separate launch events for new devices, following the tradition it established in 2020. The latest iPhones will likely be released later.

We may not find out until September 6th if there’s anything happening on the 13th. Leakers might tell us before then though.

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