There’s A New Report That Shows Apple Has Been Testing USB-C iPhones

Is Apple Really Testing USB-C iPhones?

Apple has refused to switch the iPhone’s ports from Lightning to USB-C over the years because of their stubbornness. Prolonged calls for this change have been heard, and a new rumor is saying that Apple is actually testing out USB-C internally with the speculation of a 2020 launch.

Apple has been testing models of the iPhone with a USB-C port internally for the past few months. Sources say that any change would not happen until at least 2023, and the upcoming iPhone 14 is predicted to have the Lightning port.

Apple will switch jack ports for USB-C to comply with regulations and make the iPhone in line with other hardware. Plus, USB-C ports also support faster charging and data transfer speeds.

If you plan to purchase an iPhone with a USB-C connector that does not have the headphone jack, Apple is also working on a Lightning to USB-C adapter. This will allow new iPhone users to use their Lightning accessories with their new devices.

The rumor that USB-C may come to the next iPhone is likely false. This reporter has a good source, but this has no bearing on whether it will actually happen. If it does, it would be huge for Apple’s Mac, iPad, and iPhone ecosystems.

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