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The electric Kia NIRO gets an update

Brand new look, same power, much less torque, and a little more miles in the driving range.

Before we dive into the technical details, it must be said out loud – Kia’s electric Nero has turned from a “gray” vehicle into a beautiful vehicle! There is no doubt that the design refresh has done well for the Korean electric crossover, which now has to find a place of honor between the even more designed EV6 and the even more designed EV9 and this is no easy task, given that both, and especially the latter, look really good.

The exterior design of the redesigned Niro is clearly inspired by the new Sorento, Kia’s non-electric SUV, and inside you can see design touches originating in the EV6 – the Niro EV uses the steering wheel, display screens, and other elements found in the EV6.

Same battery, a little more miles to the range

The new version of the Niro EV gets the same battery with a volume of about 64.8 kWh that comes from the outgoing version, but the range is slightly increased – from 455 km to 463 km according to the WLTP standard.

Charging time is a little over 40 minutes from 10% -80% battery, with a maximum power of 77 kilowatts.

Significant torque drop

While the power, which stands at 201 hp remains the same, the new Niro EV loses significant torque – little torque compared to the outgoing version – from 40 kg to only 26 kg – a significant reduction that will hurt the vehicle’s accelerations.

Bakia says they have significantly improved the suspension and steering system of the electric Nero significantly, which should provide an upgraded driving experience – according to the manufacturer. And perhaps the most important innovation? The new Niro EV also gets Frunk – Front Trunk – Hallelujah!

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