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The Best Electric Luxury Cars In The World

If you start looking around, you will notice that every field in the world is going green, and as technology advances, the same refers to cars. Most car companies have released at least one all-electric model, meaning that we are heading towards a new future with electric vehicles. 

However, when it comes to luxurious electric cars, you are not obliged to choose one advantage over another since these cars have everything included. This means that when you buy a luxurious electric car, you purchase it along with comfort, sustainability, and speed combined. You may spend way more money, but you will be provided with a lot of benefits. 

Nonetheless, electric cars are handled more easily, and they are quite more efficient than regular cars. Therefore, if you want to see your options, keep reading the article that provides a list of these beastly vehicles.

In order to make the reading experience of this article more convenient, the article has been split up into multiple pages. At the end of each page, you will see a “next” button which will take you to the next page. Enjoy your reading!

Mercedes-Benz EQS

Price: Starting from $120,000

As everyone is expecting new upgrades in electric cars in the year to come, it seems that Mercedes has already done that job for us. Mercedes-Benz EQS comes with a spacey and quiet cabin as well as amazing driving features created to provide the most comfortable rides

The EQS is available in four variants, however, the EQS 540+ provides the best performances. For instance, it includes two electric motors, self-pilot options for easier types of roads, and advanced technology inside the vehicle for entertainment at a higher level. The three-screen dashboard will definitely satisfy the greatest technology enthusiasts. 

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