Nature’s Warning Signs That Disaster Is About To Strike And Everybody Should Know

Going out in nature is refreshing and relaxing, but there’s always danger lurking around the corner. You may have street smarts, but lack wild-smarts. So instead of getting struck by lightning or drowning in a rip current, learn about the different ways nature warns you away from disaster and imminent natural disaster. Plus, sometimes you just can’t check the weather forecast and want to know if it’ll rain tomorrow.

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1. Beware of a patch of J-shaped trees on a slope

Have you ever been hiking in the woods when you saw a patch of trees bent into a J shape? You may have escaped a very dangerous situation since that’s a sign of an upcoming landslide. The ground is moving very slowly, making the trees grow in the odd shape.

Crooked forest j-shaped trees
Image by Rzuwig/Wikimedia Commons

Another sign of potential landslide is cracking in the ground, which could be in the sidewalk, street, or dirt. Plus, if there was a landslide there before, another one may be on the way. Would-be rescuers have been buried in the second landslide. Landslides occur on slopes, though, so if you’re in a flat area you’re probably fine.

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