Best Bitcoin Wallets In 2022 – Top Crypto Wallets in the world

Cryptocurrencies need to be managed in an appropriate way, and for that purpose, you need the right crypto wallet. The crypto wallet you choose will allow you to make transactions and trade your Bitcoins and other cryptos you own.  

Crypto wallets are intended to allow you to generate unique addresses through which you receive your cryptocurrencies. These wallets are also created to allow users to send crypto to various addresses over the blockchain without the discovery of the identity. Each wallet comes with a private key that ensures security and allows backup in case of crash and loss of information.

The most efficient Bitcoin wallets allow users to monitor their crypto balances in real-time. These wallets can be used and monitored on a mobile device, a computer, over the web, and other similar devices. There are Bitcoin wallets that have the ability to be synced on multiple devices.

Bitcoin Wallets 

The BIP32 key derivation standard allows users to generate new and unique addresses for sending and receiving crypto. The crypto wallets you use enable the keeping of the transactions privately while keeping the change in a separate wallet.

There are wallets that use P2SH or Pay-to-Script-Hash addresses with which users receive Bitcoins by creating new addresses. By using these kinds of addresses, users have the possibility to unlock new balances. However, in the process users need to obey a given set of rules in order to keep the private keys safe. 

To unlock funds, the user is required to use a private key that is connected to the public key with which the new unique address has been created. These wallet addresses are known under the name Pay-to-PubKey Hash (P2PKH). 

The Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) kinds of wallets include a master key for the whole wallet and multiple private keys for each address that has been used for exchanging or trading crypto. The user needs a 12-word secret phrase in order to unlock the whole wallet. 

Useful Tips:

  • The most secure crypto wallets are those that are done offline and require the use of hardware. These are usually used to store a large number of cryptocurrencies. 
  • Trading and exchanging features in a wallet are useful because they allow buying and selling crypto without the use of third parties.
  • Multi-asset wallets are convenient for storing more than one type of digital asset. 
  • Multi-signature groups are good for groups because each of the parties will have a separate key, and more than one party will be enabled to allow each transaction that is intended to be made. 


  • Only 8% of crypto owners keep their cryptocurrencies safe because of the presence of many vulnerable and non-safe crypto wallets. 
  • In 2020, $1.9 billion worth of crypto was lost due to the work of hackers, which is a huge decrease in comparison to 2019, when there were lost $4.5 billion. 

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Pionex is considered to be the best crypto wallet for high-frequency trading. It supports the exchange of around 40 cryptocurrencies, and it has a hosted Bitcoin wallet as well. In addition, it has a FinCEN license for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the USA.


  • Not required manual monitoring of the markets since trading is allowed by using free bots.
  • FinCEN license for trading in the US. 
  • Trading on margins.
  • Use of technical indicators for trading Bitcoin. 
  • Low fees (0.05% for maker and taker).

This wallet allows you to buy Bitcoin and other currencies by using only a credit card. Pionex allows you to monitor your cryptos using an iOS or Android app, but you can also use other fiat-to-crypto platforms if you are not using a credit card for your purchase. 

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