Instagram has released an important update

Against the background of the criticism against the social network for starting to focus on sponsored content in recent years, Instagram is updated and allows you to control the content that will be presented to you in the feed. This is how it works

The Chronological Feed is back – and not only: Instagram today (Wednesday) launched a number of Torch innovations, including new ways to organize your posts in chronological order – to give users more control over the content they see on the platform. The new options are:

  • A follow-up view will allow anyone to view posts from all the accounts they follow, in chronological order.
  • A Favorites view will allow people to select up to 50 accounts, and view their content at the top of the feed and in chronological order.
  • The tiered feed currently displayed on Instagram will be called Home , and will remain the platform’s default.

How does It work? To use the new feed views, click on the Instagram logo in the top corner of the screen and select the desired option. It is also possible to make changes to the favorites list at any time, and no one will know if it is added to or removed from other people’s lists. Contents of preferred accounts will also appear in a higher place in the chronological follow-up feed and the home feed.

According to estimates, the move comes amid criticism against the social network that has become more commercial and ostensibly presents more sponsored content and even recently began to show users content from accounts they do not follow.

“Instagram continues to work on new tools for people’s browsing experience, and is developing additional options for controlling what surfers see and the time they spend on the platform,” the company said.

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