Today’s Crypto: This is the currency that exploded and jumped 36% this week

Cryptocurrencies have risen in the past week, but one familiar currency has made a crazy rise in the past week. In the last day, the trend is mixed in the exchange rates The weekly crypto

A daily trend is mixed in the cryptocurrency market, but the past week has come down to strong gains in the market. The strongest currency on the market, Bitcoin, rose 2.69% in the last day to $ 44,196, locking the week up 8.74%.

Ethereum, the second strongest currency in the crypto market, rose 2.83% in the last day to a rate of $ 3,141.9 and concluded a great week in which it rose 11.85%. The Bains Coin (BNB) recorded a 1.17% increase in the last day to $ 414.91 and ended the week with a 7.15% increase.

The ripple currency recorded a minimal decline in the last day, at a rate of 0.24% but the last week it closed with a rise of 6.44% at a rate of $ 0.84. The Cardano currency is the currency that made the largest weekly increase at a rate of 35.93% even though in the last day the currency recorded a small decrease of half a percent and today it is at a rate of $ 1.13. 

The Lara (Luna) fell 1.42% on the last day but ended the week with a 10.74% rise to $ 93.12. The Solana rose 1.50% on the last day and in the last week the currency recorded its second-largest rise at 19.74% and now the currency is at $ 102.64. 

The Avalanche currency has fallen 0.56% in the last day and is now at $ 86.56, this week as the other currencies, the Avalanche is up 9.43%. The Polkadot currency rose 0.67% in the last day to $ 20.93 and the currency ended the week up 12.73%. 

The dogecoin, which began to soar last night, recorded a relatively sharp drop to the market in the last day at a rate of 3.28% to a rate of $ 0.14, last week is the currency that made the third rise in the Gouda at a rate of 17.43%.

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