Facebook’s new competitor is doing the exact opposite of it

While Facebook is trying its best to attract a new audience, a new social network is winking at the audience that Facebook takes for granted. Will it be able to keep its most loyal users away from Facebook?

A new social network launched last Wednesday does something you do not see every day: instead of trying to attract a young audience, as Facebook tries to do non-stop, it first deliberately addresses the audience that Facebook sees as a captive audience: adults aged 50 and over, according to a survey 73% of them use Facebook regularly.

The Senior Planet Community is an initiative of the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), which according to Wikipedia owns the two most popular newspapers in America, with nearly 80 million subscribers combined, in the development of the OATS organization. , But actually an acronym for “Especially Adult Technology Services”), which began teaching seniors in New York to use computers and expanded throughout the United States.

The new network looks, according to reports, more like a forums site, with communities created by the webmasters themselves and they offer subscribers to join as soon as they sign up. Among the ashes, communities are those that deal with gardening, hiking, food, health, and technology. The site has no ads, no registration fees, so it’s not clear what the business model is behind it – but the network notes that the organization is one of the richest in the US, with $ 2.3 billion in cash and $ 1.7 billion in revenue by 2020. It currently has no app, but the site also supports mobile devices and includes groups, photo sharing, reminders with @, alerts, and a personal messaging system between users.

One of the characteristics of the network is a list of rules designed to ensure that it does not become a criticism similar to that directed at Facebook tools and other major networks. To that end, it encourages “courtesy” and citing sources, and prohibits political responses within discussions on other issues, as well as “attacking individuals, groups or social, ethnic or political entities.”

Right now, the small social network for Medium Chamber, CEO of OATS, told the Axios website that “I think it would end up being great if we had a million people. At the moment, I would be happy if there are 100,000 people who will use it properly. “

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