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WhatsApp updates the voice message

Preview, off-app listening and visualization: The popular messaging app has been updated with some new features that you should know – and will save you some headaches

Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, announced tonight (Wednesday) the launch of new, more convenient and advanced capabilities for recording voice messages. According to the company, an average of 7 billion voicemails are sent every day, encrypted from end-to-end in the app.

Table of Contents

From now on it will be possible to listen to voicemails outside of chat so that other things can be done at this time, like reading and responding to additional messages or doing other tasks within WhatsApp.

In addition, when recording a voice message, it will be possible to pause it, for example in case of noise or interference, or just to pick up the thoughts for a moment, and then resume it.

Additional updates

  • Wave-like visualization: It will be possible to see a visual representation of the sound in the voice message and use it to track the recording.
  • Preview of the draft message: You will be able to listen to the voicemails before sending them.
  • Saving time point in playback: In cases of stopping listening to a voicemail, it will be possible to continue listening to it from the same point where we stopped, upon return to chat.
  • Fast playback of forwarded messages: Voice messages forwarded to us from another chat can be activated 1.5 times or 2 times faster.

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