Today’s Crypto: Declines are halted – but Bitcoin continues to lose

What’s Happening to Bitcoin? While all currencies showed a slight recovery today compared to yesterday, the largest currency in the market actually continued to decline. And who recorded the largest increase?

The declines recorded yesterday in the crypto market after the rises of the beginning of the week were halted, as one might guess, and replaced by stability or slight rises of most currencies – but precisely the largest currency, Bitcoin, continued to decline today.

The decline in Bitcoin was not dramatic – only 0.39% – but it is a bit puzzling in the face of the slowdown in the decline of other currencies. In the weekly range, it is still up 9.73%, with a price of $ 47,159 and a market capitalization of $ 895.5 billion.

Ethereum, the second largest currency, remained more or less in the same position as yesterday, with a negligible increase of 0.03% to $ 3.411 per currency and a market value of $ 409 billion. Compared to last week it is at a profit of 11.6% – the biggest increase in the table.

Ripple also remained in a similar position to yesterday, with a minimal increase of 0.07% to a price of 87 cents per currency and a market value of $ 41.7 billion, compared to 3.8% last week.

Cardano recorded a very respectable increase relative to the daily average – 1.6% – to a price of $ 1.21 per currency and a market value of almost $ 41 billion, as it continues the trend of the last week and a half, in which it exceeds the market average. However, on a weekly basis, it added 7.33% to its value – less than the top three currencies.

And DogeCoin rose 1.12 percent today to 14 cents a dollar and a market capitalization of $ 19.2 billion, and in the weekly range it is up nearly 5 percent.

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