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BMW provides us with another sneak peek of the electric 7 Series – the BMW i7

The electric BMW i7, which is part of the new 7 Series, is a significant change of direction from all the last generations of the 7 Series.


After unveiling its first teaser image for the electric i7 last week, BMW is giving us another glimpse into its electric luxury car that it will unveil next month (20.04) as a competitor to the Mercedes EQS. The BMW i7 will be introduced in parallel with the new 7 Series models.

In the attached video we get a slightly better glimpse of the new design of the model, if the grill of the current generation is too big for you then you will find that the new one is not only bigger but also won a bright frame. The new headlights, with BMW’s advanced laser technology, are extremely narrow and with a crystal glass canopy. As in the Mercedes S-Class or EQS, for electric opening doors.

BMW i7

The BMW i7 electric propulsion system will have a maximum power of about 600 hp and it is likely that this is the same propulsion unit of the iX M60 model. BMW notes that the electric i7 will also be the most powerful version of the 7 Series The new i7 model will have a driving range of about 600 km and a fast-charging capacity of 200kW.

From the little that can be seen in the cabin, it is evident that BMW is expanding the use of the crystal not only for the iDrive system dial but also as a full part of the cabin decoration. As with the iX model, the design will be minimalist and in a luxurious lounge atmosphere with fine materials in a variety of materials and textures. BMW is giving up small personal screens in the back of the front seats and equips the new 7 Series with a huge 31 ”screen that is electrically pulled out of the ceiling and creates a kind of private cinema hall.

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