Today’s Crypto: Going up again, what currency exploded?

The currency that was once considered a hit and then suddenly started to deteriorate again jumps in relation to the market, on a day when the other currencies also recorded beautiful achievements

The crypto market is returning to green: after about a week of declines or days of uncertainty, today all major currencies recorded significant gains, moving slightly away from the abysses they plunged into in the weeks since the Russian shocks.

Bitcoin rose at a daily rate of 4.15% and a weekly rate of 10.33% to a price of $ 42,959 per currency and a market value of $ 813 billion.

Etherium rose at a slightly lower daily rate, 3.29%, but in the weekly range soared by no less than 18%, to a price of $ 3,008.5 per currency and a market value of nearly $ 361 billion. Binance Coin recorded a moderate increase of 3.13% per day and 10.7% per week, to a price of $ 406 per currency and a market value of $ 67 billion. Ripple recorded gains of 3.85% per day and 11.2% per week, at a price of 84 cents per currency and a market value of $ 40.6 billion.

The big surprise of the day, and this week in general, is Cardano, who after months of shuffling and declining relative to the market, in recent days has shown a very positive direction, with only small declines in days when other currencies fell sharply and significant increases in days when others rose slightly. Today it soared 6.2% to a price of 95 cents per coin and a market value of $ 32 billion. Dogecoin in particular continues to shuffle, with a relatively slight increase of 2.77% per day and 10% per week, with its price still around 12 cents per coin and its market value just over $ 16 billion.

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