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Tesla introduces the pre-production version of the Cybertrack

Tesla promises that the cybertrack will go into production in Texas as early as the end of 2022 with the start of marketing in 2023, as will the Tesla Roadster and Tesla semi-truck.

At a gala opening ceremony for Tesla’s new plant in Texas, a pre-production version of the Cybertrack, Tesla’s first electric pickup truck, took the stage. After several delays in model production, Musk has promised that the Cybertrack, along with the Roadster and semi-truck will go into production in 2023.

The one who drove the Cybertrack on stage is Tesla’s chief designer (Franz von Holzhausen) and what we met on stage is the same as what Tesla unveiled itself in January this year.

When Tesla introduced the Cybertrack as a concept in November 2019, it introduced the model in three propulsion versions, ranging from one electric motor at a price then presented at about $ 39,900 to three engines with a 0-100 km / h acceleration rate of about 3.0 seconds. Last year, Musk announced that the model The tip will be marketed in a four-engine version instead of three.

Those who rushed to order the model on the day of exposure enjoyed very low prices from $ 39,900 to $ 69,900, it is likely that those who want to order the model when the orders reopen will encounter significantly higher prices.

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