Today’s Crypto: the drops are boosting, Cardano is diving down

All major currencies have recorded significant declines today, with the currency that has led the positive direction in recent weeks crashing most of all. And what happened to DogeCoin after Musk’s relinquishment of the title on Twitter’s board of directors?

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The major cryptocurrencies have returned to sharp declines today, almost completely erasing the gains of the past three weeks.

Bitcoin, the largest and most important currency in the market, fell 4.04% to $ 41,083 per currency and its market value returned for the first time since the middle of last month below the $ 800 billion mark and to $ 784 billion – about 10.5% less than a week ago.

Ethereum, the second-largest and most important currency, suffered an even heavier decline, by 6.4%, to a price of $ 3,050 per currency and a market value of $ 368 billion, a drop of almost 12% compared to last Monday.

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Binance Coin, the currency of the leading crypto exchange, has fallen 4.9 percent in the last day and by nine and a quarter percent in the last week, to a price of $ 404 per currency and a market value of about $ 67 billion.

Ripple fell 6.3% in the daily range and 14.6% in the weekly range, to a price of 71 cents per currency and a market value of $ 34.36 billion.

Cardano, which in recent weeks has recorded respectable increases, today suffered the hardest blow – a decline of 7.3% per day and 20% per week – to a price of only 96 cents and a market value of $ 32.66 billion.

While DogeCoin – the currency that soared yesterday thanks to a tweet from Elon Musk, who has been promoting it for about a year, according to which he will serve as a means of payment for the Twitter Blue service when Musk serves on its board – fell today, after the announcement that Musk had relinquished a seat on the company’s board. At a daily rate of 6.1% and a weekly rate of 7.16%, at a price of 14 cents and a market value of $ 18.73 billion.

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