Today’s Crypto: The entire market is recording a recovery with significant achievement

The crypto market is returning to the $ 2 trillion mark and the leading currencies are recording impressive gains. Who is the currency that has risen the most and who is having a hard time recovering from the difficult period?

The crypto market is recording quite an impressive recovery today after the less good days it has experienced in recent weeks. The total value of all the cryptocurrencies listed on the major sites rose today by 4.5% and is now on the threshold of $ 2 trillion, which of course had already crossed twice last year, but each time subsequently fell to its wrong side.

Bitcoin has risen 4.63% today and 1.07% in the past week, to $ 40,803 and a market value of $ 776 billion.

Etherium rose at a daily rate of 4.82% and a weekly rate of half a percent, to a price of $ 3,051 per currency and a market value of $ 367.5 billion.

Photo by Kanchanara
Photo by Kanchanara

Binance Coin surprised and recorded a non-moderate rise in the table, in contrast to his relatively stable trend in recent weeks – but also not the sharpest. A 4.7% daily increase and a 2.72% weekly increase brought the currency to a price of $ 421 and its total market value to $ 69.5 billion.

Ripple recorded a daily increase of almost 4% and a weekly rate of almost 8%, reaching a price of 77 cents per currency and a market value of $ 37 billion.

Cardano rose 5.27% today to 93 cents a currency and a market value of $ 31.5 billion – but in the weekly range, it is still down slightly 2.5%.

And DogeCoin rose the most moderate among the leading currencies – 3.84% – and is still 1.1% below its value a week ago, with a price of 14 cents and a market value of $ 18.6 billion.

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