Scientifically Proven Foods That Can Help Aid Weight Loss

These fat-burning foods are not only delicious but they’re scientifically proven to help aid weight loss too.

Most of us are always on the lookout for ways to burn fat, with what we put into our bodies is often the first area we start with. And whilst we can all make a conscious effort to limit the takeaways and treats in an effort to lose belly fat. It’s also useful to know which foods to eat more of which actively burn fat and calories.

“If you’re focussing on weight loss then it’s great to know that certain foods can help you reach your goals faster,” says Suzie Sawyer, a clinical nutritionist. “These foods that are scientifically proven to help the body burn fat when eaten as part of a controlled eating plan.”

1. Salmon

A simple salmon dinner can help you lose weight fast, as this delicious lean fish is packed with protein and omega-3s. 

“Salmon is a fantastic source of high-quality protein which is beneficial for weight and fat loss as the body must work harder to digest it,” explains David Weiner, a Nutritionist and Training Specialist at AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching app Freeletics. “In addition, salmon is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids which are shown to reduce inflammation and promote fat burning, with studies showing that fish oil supplementation can help to reduce weight and the stress hormone cortisol, which is also linked to fat storage.”

Indeed, one 2015 study into omega-3 found these friendly fats helped with a “reduction in abdominal fat”. Whilst another study found that salmon – compared against cod and fish oil capsules – was the most effective for weight loss overall. 

There’s further good news too. As one serving of salmon contains around two-thirds of the nutrient selenium – which your body needs for a healthy thyroid. This is especially important, as your thyroid holds the key to an efficient metabolism.

With this in mind, make sure to stock up on salmon in the weekly supermarket shop.

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