Most Popular Luxury Car Brands In 2021

The online popularity of the best luxury car brands in the world is a reliable predictor of future sales and the trends that are shaping the global automobile industry. Every luxury car brand on our list commands significant customer attention and drives meaningful conversations on social media. They are at the forefront of what matters to affluent consumers.

Powered by consumers’ demand for sustainable driving experiences and stricter emission regulations, electric cars are the most important trend affecting the global automobile industry this year. Luxury electric vehicles (EVs) are getting more and more exciting to drive with the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S Plaid coming out this year. Electric cars are also enjoying a longer range and growing charging station networks around the world.

Digitalization is the second most important trend reshaping the car industry in 2021. Connected cars, autonomous vehicles, and the ever-growing size of digital screens inside the cars are three important areas of investment for manufacturers. Luxury car brands are at the forefront of the digital transformation of our driving experience. The upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS is a prime example of digital innovation brought front and center in the cockpit to enhance the driver’s experience.


size of the global luxury cars market by 2027.

The global luxury car industry is a growing market, projected to reach $665 billion by 2027. While German car manufacturers dominate the top of our list with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, the United States is fast catching up with Tesla. Japan only has one brand in the top 15 with Lexus, the premium offshoot of Toyota. The rest of our ranking is filled by other European brands from Sweden (Volvo), Italy (Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati), the United Kingdom (Land Rover and Jaguar), and France (Bugatti).

This is the first year that we apply our rigorous online popularity ranking to the car market, but the methodology has proven its usefulness with our list of the best luxury brands online.

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BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is the most popular luxury automobile brand online, taking a 22.8% share of the search interest in 2021 with a range of news-worthy moves that have consistently kept it in conversation.

best luxury car brand BMW - Luxe Digital
The BMW iX3.
Country of origin: Germany
Most popular models: BMW 3 Series, BMW X5, BMW 1 Series
Average starting price: $45,600

The German luxury car brand is also keeping its name at the forefront of the industry with the arrival of its highly anticipated BMW M3 and M4 as well as the upcoming fully-electric iX model. 

The brand’s electric motors are rumored to rival Tesla. And, as always, the brand’s ever-evolving tech contributes towards its consistent market share. By 2023, BMW expects to almost double its number of all-electric and plug-in hybrid models to 25.

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