Today’s Crypto: This is the currency that surprises up and never stops taking off

Most major currencies today have depreciated – but it is precisely the currency that has experienced several difficult months of abnormal declines that is soaring without explanation.

The major cryptocurrencies returned to price declines today, following yesterday’s significant jumps – but the declines were much sharper than the gains, so they are still at significantly higher levels compared to last week.

Bitcoin, the largest and most central currency in the market, recorded a depreciation of 1.24% of its value, with its price now $ 42,525 and its market value slightly below $ 802 billion – 4.55% above last Wednesday’s data.

Ethereum fell 1.45% to $ 2,964 a currency and a market capitalization of $ 355 billion – an increase of about 10.5% from a week ago.

Binance Coin, the currency of the major trading platform in the field, recorded a slight decline of 0.73% to a price of 82 cents per currency and a market value of just under $ 40 billion – 7.25% above last week’s data.

The currency that continues to surprise even today is Cardano, which after a long period of decline not only falls less than the other currencies, but also jumps another 4.34%, to a peak of just over a month – 99 cents per coin, and a market value of $ 33 billion.

While Dogecoin has fallen three-quarters of a percent, with its price still hovering close to 12 cents a coin and its market value still above $ 16 billion – up 7.36% from a week ago.

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